Orthopedic (Bone) Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery
Our orthopaedic department is led by our Principal Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Brian Loon. We perform various bone surgeries such as:
  • Femoral head ostectomy (FHO) for severe hip dysplasia or hip dislocation/ luxation
  • Toe or leg amputation
Orthopaedic surgeries are performed in our surgery suite reserved for sterile procedures. Our veterinarians also trained and equipped to perform various pain management techniques such as epidural anaesthesia, local nerve block anaesthesia, fentanyl patches, continuous rate infusions (CRIs) and acupuncture to ensure a pain-free and smooth recovery. Our hospitalisation facilities are catered for animals of all sizes to provide a peaceful environment for recuperation.

Post-operative care including initial activity restriction and subsequent physiotherapy is essential in ensuring a successful post-surgery recovery. Our veterinary team will work closely with pet owners through this process.