AmberCare Health Screening

AmberCare Health Screening
At Amber Vet, we recognise that your pets are part of your family, and you strive to provide the best for them as you would to all your loved ones. Pets can't tell us when they are unwell, and it is common for pet owners to only realise a health problem in their pet when an early problem has progressed to a severe or late stage of disease.

In line with our aim to provide the best in preventative veterinary healthcare, AmberCare Health Screening is designed to provide comprehensive health plans for your furry loved one. By obtaining the necessary information about your pet's current health status, our veterinary team can provide the most appropriate holistic recommendations for the most suitable diet, lifestyle and/or supplements to help in optimising the length and quality of life.

AmberCare Health Screening is recommended every 6-12 months for dogs and cats aged 7 years and above, and once every 1-2 years for younger ones. Screening at a younger age allows vets to pick up any health issues that may be slowly brewing from a younger age, and also provide baseline values for what is normal for your pet (while there is an approximate reference range of normal values for these health indicators, every individual has a unique set of normal ranges), so a more valid comparison can be made with values obtained down the road.

AmberCare Health Screening is attractively priced to allow the most comprehensive health screening tests with savings of about 15% off normal rates. All plans are valid for 3 months upon purchase for completion of all diagnostics. Please see all terms and conditions attached.
Test Type Test Basic Enhanced Assure
Blood tests Comprehensive/ Wellness Biochemistry,
SDMA, Electrolytes
Urine Analysis Urine Sediment & Multisticks
Diagnostic Imaging  Abdominal Ultrasound -

Chest radiographs (3 views) - -
Plan Fee    $502 $819 $1010

  • AmberCare Screening Plans are only applicable as wellness checks for well/healthy pets;
  • All diagnostics must be completed within 3 months from date of initial purchase. No refunds for uncompleted diagnostics;
  • All diagnostic tests are non-transferable between pets;
  • The owner is responsible for providing stool and urine samples. Fees apply for sample collection (e.g. cystocentesis);
  • The Management reserves the rights to ammend any terms or conditions as deemed necessary.