For Veterinarians

For Veterinarians

Partial and Full Referral Services For Veterinarians

Amber Vet provides the following partial and full referral services to assist veterinarians with your diagnostic and treatment requirements:
  • Ultrasonography and ultrasoundguided biopsy/ fine needle aspirate cytology (FNAC)
  • Echocardiography
  • Endoscopy (link to endoscopy page)
  • Endosurgery / Laparoscopy (link to laparoscopy page)
  • Ophthalmology consultation and surgery with Dr Rui Oliveira (link to ophthalmology page)
  • Feline specialist services with Dr Elise Robertson (link to Feline specialist page)
  • Radiography
  • PennHIP study for hip dysplasia (link to PennHIP page)
  • Dental radiography and endodontics (including root canal treatment)
  • Acupuncture with Dr Brian Loon (link to BRL profile)
Kindly call us @ 6245 5543 or email us to enquire further.

Referring veterinarians, please complete and fax/email this Referral Form to us prior to your patient's appointment with us. Your practice staff or client may call us to book the appointment and enquire on any pre-appointment preparations required (e.g. fasting).

Important Partial Referral Notes to Veterinarians:
  •  A referral report will be furnished to the primary care veterinarian as soon as possible, usually within 12 working days. If you would like an initial phone update after the service is provided, kindly indicate on the referral form or when booking the appointment.
  • Please inform the client that they will be coming to Amber Vet for the requested diagnostic service only, and the results will be relayed by yourself, the primary care veterinarian. Amber Vet’s veterinarians will not speak or consult with the client.
  • The following services can be referred as a partial referral, but a consultation will be carried out with the client for the purposes of presedation/anaesthesia assessment only:
  • PennHIP study
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy/FNAC
  • Dental radiography
  • Ultrasonography/radiography if sedation is required
  • Endoscopy
The following referral services, where any interventional procedures are required, must be referred as a full referral, but the attending veterinarian will only consult and treat the patient for concerns relating to the referred condition, with other non-related medical concerns referred back to you, the primary care veterinarian:
  • Endosurgery/ Laparoscopy
  • Ophthalmology consultation/ surgery
  • Feline specialist services
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment)
  • Acupuncture

For Referral cases, please complete and fax/email this Referral Form to us prior to your patient's appointment with us.