What is a vaccination?

A vaccination is a form of prevention against certain viruses and bacteria. It contains parts of these viruses or bacteria (antigens), which have usually been inactivated or killed so that it cannot cause disease in the animal. These antigens stimulate production of antibodies upon administration (usually by injection). These antibodies will then prevent the animal against disease from these viruses and bacteria in future when infected.

How often does my pet need to be vaccinated?

As the antibody levels require some time to increase to an effective level, boosters (repeated doses, of the vaccination, usually given monthly) are required initially. As antibody levels will gradually decrease with time, boosters are required either yearly or once in several years to maintain an effective level of antibodies in the animal.

How can I avoid over-vaccinating my pet?

A Vaccicheck® antibody titer blood test is recommended instead of a yearly booster if your dog/cat is assessed to be at low risk of infection. Find out more.