Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
We want to thank Dr Jessica Kuek, Dr Brian Loon and Mohamed Zakaria for helping to take care of Sweetie - our darling cat. Without such dedicated and caring professionals, our cat would not have survived last night.

It is rare to find doctors and healthcare professionals who are willing to go beyond their job description and salary.

Dr Jessica Kuek, who was calm, dedicated, stayed late into the night and into the wee hours of the morning to care for Sweetie. She did not give up. She asked her staff to make calls to locate the equipment needed for Sweetie's treatment even though it was late at night. We are impressed and very grateful for her meticulous care, her dogged persistence, her patience and her "CAN DO" attitude.

Dr Brian Loon, who was at home late last night, chose to rush back to help Dr Kuek and Sweetie. We are very appreciative of your concern and care for Sweetie. As always, you showed your dedication, professionalism and care for Sweetie, which went beyond commercial objectives. You showed us what it means to be a real doctor.

Mohamed Zakaria - for keeping vigil over Sweetie. His eagle eye made sure that Sweetie emerged fine and we could all go to sleep with relief.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate Dr Kuek, Dr Loon, Zak and the rest of the Amber Vet team for their help last night. We are very grateful and appreciate the hard work and dedication by the team. You always make sure that Sweetie, our cat is safe and well. We are grateful to know that the Amber Vet team loves Sweetie very much and cares for him a lot.

Please keep up the good work and continue to deliver personal service to your customers.
Mr and Mrs Peter Cil with Sweetie
Our cats Panda and Pepper may not always like their visits to the vet but I think they like Dr. Loon very much, think he's a very kind and attentive doctor for animals :) And also very patient with stressed out pet owners like me with millions of questions to ask the vet, which he always answered them very patiently :)
Amy Lee with Panda & Pepper
Mika was attended to at Amber Vet on several occasions for emergency treatment for her UTI and bladder stones. Everyone at Amber Vet stayed back for Mika on each such occasion and followed us through the whole recovery process. Many thanks to all at Amber Vet!
Agnes & Chi Kiang with Mika
I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Dr Brian Loon and the whole Amber Vet Team for their care towards my 15 year old Silky Terrier, JJ, who was diagnosed with Oral Cancer last month and had a malignant tumor growing out of his lower jaw that required surgery.

From the diagnostics to the actual surgery itself, Dr Loon never failed to answer every question I had with patience and was there for us every step of the way. I was and still am extremely grateful that Dr Loon did all his necessary readings on the Mandibulectomy surgery and also consulted our case with a specialist. It can be quite nerve wrecking to have to put your beloved pet through quite an extensive surgery considering his age! Thankfully, we were in the hands of a skilled team! His surgery went well and he is now on the road to recovery!

His post-op care was also quite a bit of a challenge but we are indeed blessed to have a team that helped us through it all. Dr Loon and the whole team indeed cares for their patients and that care extends beyond their normal call of duty. We have found a vet and team with compassion and heart and will be sticking with Amber Vet for all of JJ's future check ups!
Siang Li Ting with JJ
We have lived in Singapore for 22 years and your clinic and team is the most professional we have ever come across. Your attention to detail demonstrates the immense care and pride you all take when dealing with your client’s pets is amazing, this is a rare occurrence in today’s overly fast pace environment we live in. My firm relocates thousands of families each year which I often are asked for referrals. You can be certain we will promote Amber Vet as the recommended destination for any pet care needs.
Bill Cain
Because of time/travel constraints, I was desperately hunting for a vet clinic that is opened on Sunday in the East. I found Amber Vet in the Internet, and with a leap of faith, brought my precious Kitty, Lucie, here. She always shivers when going to the vet. Dr Jansen Ng was so good with Lucie. He handled her with love, and made her feel comfortable. He was thorough in his questioning too. He has a great passion for animals and his profession, and it shows. He is going to be Lucie's permanent vet now.
Louise with Lucie
We had to bring our 7 month-old kitten, Butter, to the vet on a Saturday as we noticed he had a cloudy eye. We were very pleasantly surprised that Amber Vet is open both days of the weekends, and that they could squeeze us in on such short notice. The moment we stepped in, we were impressed by the very smiley and friendly nurses, the tasteful decor of the clinic, and the clean and homely environment. Dr Jansen and his nurse were very patient with nervous Butter, and they gladly answered all of our questions regarding Butter's eye infection. We're very happy that we've most probably found a permanent vet for our pets! To all the staff at Amber Vet, thank you for the wonderful experience!
Ms Quek with Butter
A special thanks to Dr. Loon and co for their continued help with treating our 10 yr old Weimaraner, Sook. Your thorough approach, genuine care for animals and flexibility is very much appreciated!
Ayesha Edgar with Sook
Amber Vet’s high quality standards is the reason why I entrust my puppy with them. Dr. Loon and staff are professional, kind, caring and understand my desire for comprehensive medical services for my puppy.
Parry Lim with Donut
My cat Cookie was sterilized at Amber Vet, by Dr Brian Loon. The experience at Amber Vet was superbly great due to the prompt service, friendly staff, clean environment and most importantly meticulous and knowledgeable Dr Loon who is more than willing to answer all my queries about the sterilization. I have a peace of mind leaving Cookie at Amber Vet as I know he will be well taken care of!
Desmond Chan with Cookie
Snoopy, my 3 year old Bichon Frise is a regular at Amber Vet. Not because he is sickly but because he enjoys visiting the warm people there! Whether is it for his check ups, vaccinations or consultations, he is always happy to visit the Amber Vet folks including their ambassador Hayden! Attentive service, useful advice and the friendly team is what keeps us coming back. Thanks for keeping my boy healthy and happy!
Amy Ng with Snoopy