About Payment

Please note that all outstanding bills must be paid in full on the same day of consultation for outpatient visits. For in-patient/hospitalised cases, a deposit is required on admission, with the full balance to be paid on the day of discharge. Any outstanding bills may be referred to a debt collection agency for resolution.

This allows us to ensure that we can always provide you with the best service and care possible for your pet and yourself, as lapses in charges for services rendered will invariably affect our operational capabilities and ability to provide you with the comprehensive facilities and care that you and your pet deserve.

For your convenience, we accept the following modes of payment:

Kindly note that we do not accept cheques.

If there are concerns or queries regarding any charges related to procedures, planned treatments (including surgeries), laboratory services etc, please discuss them with us immediately, and before the services are performed. All services rendered will be billed accordingly.