Puppy Classes @ Amber Vet

Is your puppy chewing on everything at home? Does "sit, down, stay" sound like a completely foreign language to your baby pooch? Is toilet training flushing your sanity down the drain?

Puppy ClassesDo not fret! Amber Vet, in collaboration with DogTech*, will be organising in-house puppy classes from September. Learn from Vets and professional Canine Behavioral Therapists about:

Classes include 2 weekly sessions with training materials provided. We will equip all puppy parents with knowledge and skills that will enhance your bond with your furkid for life!

Limited vacancies available per class. Call us now at 6345 5543 (during opening hours) or email enquiry@ambervet.com for enquiries and registration!

*DogTech® was founded by John Richardson in 1996 and is one of Australia's most respected Dog Training and Pet Services companies. We are proud to be leading the way in using the positive motivation, reward based training techniques developed by John Richardson.

DISCOVER DogTech's® Whisper Wise® training methods developed by John Richardson, author of the best selling books, The Dog Whisperer® and Whispers of Wisdom®. Good behaviour is managed with positive motivation and rewards. No harsh methods are used. We will share with you the secrets of how dogs learn and how to use this knowledge to prevent future behaviour problems as well as how to reinforce good behaviors. Whisper Wise®training methods will assist you in establishing a foundation of security, respect, and trust, resulting in a happy and healthy dog. Well-adjusted dogs are every owner's goal. By socializing and training your dog from an early age, he/she will become confident, well-adjusted dogs–treasured family members that can be taken out within the community with pleasure.